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I began woodworking around 1992, after returning to Canada following 14 enlightening years working ‘overseas’ with the United Nations (UNICEF) and CUSO. My post secondary education was in mathematics so there is no clue there as to why the woodworking virus infected me. But it did!

All of my woodworking is done in my smallish one person shop just outside of Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. About 70% of the wood I use comes from trees on my 11 acres of Hard Maple, Black Cherry, Yellow Birch, Beech, and White Ash. The logs are milled into boards, then air dried and eventually brought into the shop for selection, dimensioning, assembling, and finally adding the appropriate finish.

There is a certain satisfaction in seeing a process evolve from beginning (Trees) to end (Jewelry Box) while having a great deal of control over every step along the way. ( On the down side, it also leaves little room for passing the buck should something turn out less than perfect.)

Generally speaking my work is ‘small’ rather than ‘large’, and I strive for ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’. If I can’t lift it, I don’t usually make it - although there have been several rather pleasing exceptions to that rule. About half of my projects are commissioned; the other half are either items I love to make, or items I have to make to pay the bills. (Occasionally, I love to make an item that also happens to pay the bills, but not often enough...)





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