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Commissioned Work

About half of my time in the shop these days is spent on individual project orders from customers.

Often a customer sees one of my pieces and would like it reproduced with alterations to such things as height or width, type of wood, or minor style changes to fit their specific needs.

Just as often, a customer will have reasonably clear ideas regarding a project and we work together to finalize the design.

The process is usually something like this:
A customer contacts me with an idea for a table / chest / etc. After we have settled on the general dimensions, style and wood. I will produce a computer drawing of the work. We will then go over the details (often several re-drawings ) to fine tune the final look. This back and forth at the design stage usually eliminates any misunderstandings or confusion as to what the final table will look like.

Once we are agreed on the design, I request a deposit of about 50% of the estimated final cost.

The project then goes onto my “To-Do” list. Depending on the size of the order and how busy I am, it takes between 3 to 6 months from the finalization of the design to pickup of the work.

Occasionally, a commissioned work will turn out to have ‘just the right look’ and become part of my regular production line. (With the customers consent of course.)

It’s as simple as that!

If you have an idea for a woodworking project, contact me and we can discuss it. Or better, come in for a visit to my showroom and shop. My rule of thumb concerning working hours is that; if I am home, I am open. I live year round just outside of Haliburton. In the winter you do need a 4 wheel drive vehicle for the last 1 km. It is always wise to call ahead first. (See the “Contact Wayne” page for all the details.)

Looking forward to your visit.


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