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Welcome to Wayne Hooks Woodworking

Thank you very much for visiting my web site!

For more details on why I love woodworking, the process from tree to finished product, my shop, my Alaskan Malamutes Shadow and Shane, or a little background information, just click on “Wayne’s World” ( I know, I know...)

There is a certain satisfaction in seeing a process evolve from beginning (Trees) to end (Jewelry Box) while having a great deal of control over every step along the way.

(On the down side, it also leaves little room for passing the buck should something turn out less than perfect.)

In the “Products” pages on this site, you will see some of the work that I do. Generally speaking my work is ‘small’ rather than ‘large’, and I strive for ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’.

If you see something that you like, or you would like to know more about, or if you just have a question - you can phone, email, write, of even pay me a visit. To accomplish any of those, just click to the “Contact Wayne” web page. You can not actually purchase my work through this web site, Yet.

Living in Haliburton is very much a woodworker’s dream. The community quite likely has a higher density of artists than any other rural Ontario county, thus inspiration and support are easily come by. The geography is wonderful, varied and second to few, even by global standards. (This I know to be true from 14 years of living and working on 5 continents.) And the Trees !!!

Thanks again for the visit!


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